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MOCEANS Support Coordination

We are dedicated to creating solutions that align with individual needs, goals and desires. Our Coordinators take the time to develop relationships with the individuals they serve, so we understand their thoughts, wishes, plans, and goals. 

The Support Coordination Process


The Supports Coordinator works with an individual and their natural support providers to determine their individual needs and desires.

Plan & Develop

Using the Person-Centered Planning Tool and the Individualized Service Plan, the Support Coordinator helps an individual to explore and navigate services and solutions. We work with the individual and their family to create a comprehensive service plan. 


the Support Coordination team sets up, manages and coordinates services with quality service providers, based on the approved ISP.


The Supports Coordination team contacts every individual on a monthly basis to monitor the quality of services and plans to ensure that needs are being met and rights protected and that they are free from abuse or neglect. We provide 24/7 emergency on-call support. 


For more than 30 years, Moceans Center for Independent Living has endeavored to ensure that people with all types of Mobility can lead independent lives.

Email: info@moceanscil.org

Phone: Main Office 732-571-4884

             Supports Coordination :(607) 762-9187  

              Fax : (844) 645-5490

Registered Charity 
501 (c) 3

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